Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to create an Internet Meme?

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Ever wonder how these Internet Memes come about? Was it accidental like LOLCats or David After Dentist? Or was it a meme with a purpose like Sudah Potong? Imagine creating a phenomenon so big that EVERYONE is using it. Quite impressive really. Today, we will actually show and guide you how you can create your very own Internet Meme.

First step is find your advantage. What is the one thing you have, whether in yourself or an item that is different or rarely seen by people? Look at other current memes, get inspiration from them if you have to. Other memes is usually accidental, which means it was not done on purpose. Instead, it was done out of curiosity and fun. If you have a pet, you can always find a hidden talent in them and turn it into something humorous. Beside, Internet Meme is all about make fun and be fun. If you have an unusual talent yourself, you can always make that talent into something different.

Second step is be inspired. Think of what internet users like yourself would like to see and laugh out about. Look at normal scenarios and add a twist to it. For example, you saw a grumpy old man in the park and it looks quite ordinary. It will be ordinary if you look at it as a grumpy old man in the park. Imagine having that in a picture and a caption over it which says "No, there's nothing wrong with my face, it's just a smell coming under my nose". With that you have a visual and a funny caption.

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Now, spread the word. Post up the picture as your display picture in your blog, chatting sites and other social networking sites where people can view it.

Next, create hype. People won't talk about it if you don't. So, make it sound interesting. Comment on your own picture and have your close friends say something about it. Slowly, other people will start commenting.

Then, evaluate. This is not the final step yet. Read all the comments, was it funny comments? Or was it plain boring comments? If it was boring comments like, "Nice picture" OR "I like your profile picture", then don't bother continuing this meme. But if you receive exciting comments like, "Wow! Where did you get this picture?" OR "LOL! This is really funny how the old man looks" then you have something to talk about. These people are obviously interested with the picture.

Next step is creating more! Your job do not end by taking only one picture. Take more pictures! And put a similar caption over it.

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As more and more of these similar pictures goes up on the web, people will start noticing it. Human beings are weird in some ways - they follow whatever they believe is cool and current. So, make sure you make them believe it is cool and current. When you manage to do that, you can now step down as the "creator". Soon, you will see other pictures around the internet and you will be wondering who is the person who post up those pictures and maybe, you will say to yourself, "What have I done?"

Follow these steps closely and maybe you will have your very own phenomenon in the 21st century! If it doesn't work, maybe your meme isn't interesting enough.

P.S.: Please note that we do not take any responsibility of injuries or unforeseen circumstances during the process of creating your own meme. This is a post of suggestion only. Try at your own risk.